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When one or the other partner is living across the state line it may seem that the only way to handle the divorce is through a lawyer. This is not the case, however, since mediation can be successfully used when one spouse is living in a different state than the other. Mediation can take place remotely using a virtual setting instead of face-to-face in a meeting at an office.

Resolving Multi-State Issues

We handle cases where one of the divorcing spouses is moving to a different state, which requires the second state to enforce the judgment rendered in California. The mediation can be done using Zoom, Skype or Face Time without the spouses having to meet in person. Sometimes an individual will decide to make a move immediately following a separation and mediation can still be used to avoid the high costs of a civil litigation. Our multi-state mediation services can take place regardless of the move. Remote technology can be leveraged so that the divorce can be handled using a cost-effective way that lets you remain in control of the situation. Multi-state divorces can be handled with this process successfully and the couples can avail themselves of the many benefits associated with this procedure. Solutions can be drafted that both parties accept and you won’t have to pay the high price of litigation with a lawyer.

Virtual Mediation

Mediation that takes place remotely over the Internet is just as time-efficient as mediation that occurs in a face-to-face setting in an office. You can still expect the exact same service quality and effectiveness when the divorce is approached in this manner. You can reach a successful conclusion and the decisions reached will be made by you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse instead of by a judge. In a judicial setting a lot can be left up to chance with the judge making some of the final decisions if necessary. When it comes to multi-state issues, the divorce proceedings can be lengthy and costly when you have to use a lawyer. With mediation you’ll always have the final say in terms of the decisions made that are ultimately reflected in the agreement.

Remote Mediation Benefits

Here are just some of the many benefits you can expect to receive by using remote mediation to resolve the conflicts of a divorce:

  • You remain in control
  • Child custody and support issues are determined with the best interests of the child in mind
  • Save on lawyer fees
  • Peaceful negotiations that are goal oriented
  • Your confidentiality is ensured
  • An agreement is prepared that is acceptable to you and your partner

Remote mediation can be used for multistate resolutions but it is also an alternative when the couple doesn’t want to sit down for face-to-face negotiations for one reason or another. The mediator is able to work towards finding conflict resolutions even when the parties are in separate locations. You’ll still always have the final word and won’t be asked to put pen to paper to sign the agreement until you are satisfied with it. There are no geographical limitations when it comes to multistate divorces.

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