Once you have decided that a divorce or separation would be in your best interests, you’ll have to make some tough decisions. During the course of your marriage you may have accumulated assets such as a home, personal possessions and vehicles and may have made some investments along the way as well. There may also be children involved. The mediator will take a look at all of the issues surrounding the separation or the divorce and help you stay focused during this emotional time. He will help with any research required to make sure that the process takes as little time as possible. We research any state, federal, or international issues that affect your case. Some of the issues that may require some type of research include the following: Research Poway

Investments –

It may be necessary to call in an outside expert to examine investments that have been made during the course of the marriage in order to place an accurate and current value on them.

Real estate –

If you own a home, a vacation property or have investment real estate in your name there will be some decisions that need to be made about each one of them. The ownership of timeshares and any recreational property will also need to be determined at this time. An expert will need to do a valuation of each property to determine its value in today’s real estate market.

Debts –

Research may need to take place if there are complex debts involved. Interest rates along with any types of future payments will need to be examined under a microscope so that the debts can be properly valued. Investments – As with debts, investments may need to be researched further to be valued correctly according to current interest rates and any fees involved with them.

Shared businesses –

If there is a shared business involved a valuator may need to be called in. In some cases the 2 spouses may be able to continue working the business even if the divorce moves forward while in other cases one may decide to buy the other spouse out. There are other solutions available that can be brought to the table during the mediation process. Other professionals that may need to be used to help sort out financial obligations for the future include:

  • An accountant
  • A business evaluator
  • A retirement or pension appraiser
  • A real estate appraiser

When you’re involved in a separation or divorce that involves a wide variety of financial issues there may be some research that needs to take place before the negotiations begin. When you use a mediator to help with the research aspect of the divorce, you’ll find that it’s much more cost-effective than what you have to pay a lawyer to get the same job accomplished. You can end up saving a lot of money when you use a mediation process and arrive at a more desirable outcome. Even when a divorce looks complicated, mediation can offer simplified approaches to help you get through it quickly in a cost-effective manner. All of the legal divorce laws will be satisfied when you use mediation and you’ll have more control in the decision-making process when you choose this route. Poway