Separation & Divorce Negotiations and Military Divorce Mediation

Divorces and separations can be negotiated using win-win cooperative methods along with practical application experience. This is an extremely powerful process that is useful for any type of divorce case. Many of our successful resolutions have occurred even when one or both of the parties thought that mediation wouldn’t work in their particular case. As long as there is a willingness for negotiations to take place between the two parties, however, mediation can lead to a successful outcome.

Separation-Solana BeachThe Process

The mediator will start by gathering any background information required. This may be done either separately or with both spouses present. The initial session can be held either remotely or at the mediator’s office. During this consultation you will learn more about the mediation process and what is expected from you. From that point forward, sessions will be held with both you and your spouse present but there may be some instances where separate sessions are held to go over specific issues.

Remote Mediation

Meeting at a physical office is not always possible for one or both of the parties. In some cases one of the spouses may move away to another location making mediation in a physical location inconvenient. We offer remote sessions that can be done on the Internet and there is no special equipment or programs involved. When you aren’t able to attend office sessions for one reason or another, we are able to provide other suitable arrangements. Remote sessions can be held with Skype, phone calls, text, email and other forms of technology. You can communicate with us while you’re at the office, at home or even on the road. An initial consultation can also be provided at no cost to you so that we can answer any questions you may have and go over the process in more detail.


A confidentiality agreement will be prepared and you’ll need to sign it before the divorce negotiations take place. This assures that everything discussed is kept 100% confidential and cannot be later disclosed. Your privacy is important to us and everything said behind closed doors remains confidential.

Military Divorces

A military divorce can raise a number of different issues including the structuring of allowances, benefits, military pay, custody, and the division of retirement pay. It’s important to use a mediator that has experience in this particular area when you are contemplating a separation or a divorce. When you use a mediator the negotiations for your separation or divorce are very straightforward with complications and complexities kept to a minimum. You’ll have control over the final decisions you make and won’t have to rely on a judge’s opinion when it comes to all of the major issues that are up for discussion.

Mediation puts you in the driver seat when it comes to divorce negotiations. Solana