Title Transfers

Title transfers are often involved during divorce proceedings and when you use a mediator you’ll be in a better position to settle the ownership of your assets. A divorce cannot be finalized until the assets and debts are divvied up between the two parties. As with the other important decisions that must be made during the divorce, it’s best to leave nothing to chance and instead come to an agreement with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Mediation gives you control over the title transfer decisions and the mediator will help you discover the best solutions according to your own situation. Title Transfers - Del Mar, CA

Assets and Debts

Dividing the debts and assets in mediation involves a 4 step process that includes the following:

  1. Listing the assets and debts
  2. Categorizing the marital property and separate property
  3. Determining a value
  4. Making a fair and equitable division

The mediator will be involved with all of the above listed stages in the process. Some of the property and debts can be given a value by one or both of the spouses while other property values may need to be determined by a professional. Until this step is completed and all of the debts and assets are listed with a final value, no decisions can be made about the property division.

Transferring Titles

When the final decisions have been made regarding the final division of property title transfers may need to be established. This may be the case when it comes to family vehicles, property and investments. We facilitate title transfers for vehicles and property, including inter spousal grant deeds and we make sure that the titles are changed legally and properly in order to reflect the new owner of the property. This can be a complicated procedure but the mediator can help take the complexity out of it and help you with the title transfers. He’ll make sure that everything is documented properly when one of the spouses relinquishes his rights to a certain piece of property. It’s important to make sure that you use a mediator that is experienced with the transfer of titles so that the documentation only needs to be done once. This is a trying time for everyone involved so it’s important to get everything done right the first time so that there can be a fast conclusion and a successful outcome in a relatively short amount of time. No matter how complicated your divorce may seem, mediation can help you sort out the debts and assets involved in a peaceful manner. Even divorces that involve a number of different issues can be successfully mediated when both parties are willing to come together to work things out. As a third-party negotiator, the mediator can guide the conversation towards an amicable conclusion and in many cases the animosity between the couple can be diffused during the process. Del Mar, CA