Written Marital Settlement Agreement

When you find yourself amidst the throes of a separation or divorce it’s time to call in a mediator in order to create a written marital settlement agreement. This is a binding agreement that is made between the2 parties involved in the divorce as is later signed by a judge. The agreement takes into account property division, child support, alimony, child support and other matters just like a marital agreement that has been drafted by an expensive lawyer. It will become a legal part of the decree of divorce once everything has been said and done. Written Marital Settlement Agreement

Mediation to Formulate a Written Marital Settlement Agreement

Mediation is always your best bet when it comes to formulating a proper agreement between two spouses. While there are do-it-yourself settlement agreements that can be written by the two parties, this is never a good solution since it can lead to disastrous consequences. There is certain terminology that must be applied to an agreement and if the wording is too vague it can lead to future disputes. The agreement must be worded properly so that all parties understand everything involved in it. We draft an extensive and clear written settlement agreement that protects your rights and creates sustainability.  We understand the diverse terms that are used in these agreements and the special definitions that apply to them in the legal arena. Before asking you to sign anything we’ll make sure that you understand all of the terminology used so that you have total certainty before making a formal commitment to the agreement. If there is one legal term that is out of place, it can be very difficult to change the agreement at a later date. You may find yourself in a negative situation later on down the road that you can’t change easily.

Mediation versus Litigation

In order to draft a proper marital settlement agreement a lawyer or a mediator must be involved. An attorney can be very costly for everyone involved while a mediator costs much less and both spouses can share the costs. This can equate to thousands of dollars saved and you’ll also find that it’s extremely time effective as well. You won’t have to wait for court dates to open up and you won’t have to worry about the potential of your court case being postponed time and time again.

A Focused Approach

Mediation uses special techniques to keep the conversation focused without a lot of animosity developing between the couple. Third party mediators have the tools necessary to keep things under control so that the negotiations can continue to carry forward. No one will be allowed to verbally attack the other person during the process and if the negotiations start to go off track the mediator will get everyone focused again quite quickly. Mediation lets you stay in control over the situation. When you and your spouse aren’t able to work out a compromise about certain issues using a lawyer, the judge will be able to make a decision on your behalf. You may not like this decision but there won’t be anything you can do about it if you have taken the litigation route. Mediation gives you the chance to come to the best conclusions that take everyone’s best interests into account. At the end of the process a settlement agreement will be written as determined by the agreements made by the couple. It needs to be signed by both parties and then approved by a judge. It will become legally binding once the judge signs it and you’ll be able to move forward with your life.